Activate your muscles today to age beautifully

Our aim is to empower individuals to pursue an energetic and active lifestyle, fulfilling their dreams, and forgetting about age-related weakness. 

Up to %

of the world population over 18 suffer from diseases of the musculokeletal system according to WHO

$ B

spent annually in direct medical expenses in the USA known as the "office syndrome"


cases of pain syndromes and muscle inflammation as a result of muscle asymmetries were registered by state clinics in Russian

We present an AI-powered smart clothes

It makes fitness available to anyone, regardless of their location or time, or their preference on public places. Wearing the smart clothes makes anyone feel like they are supported as the national Olympic team

Neural Network & AI

The AI learns from the user, recommending and correcting exercise techniques, shaping an effective individually-curated program based on workout history and sensor readings.

Real-time work

Through real-time monitoring - diagnosis and recommendations become more accessible, instantaneously.

Complex feedback

Voice assistant, haptic vibration, visual avatars on the smartphone screen, TV, in AR/VR augmentation.

Our business in the early stages, yet to reach product market fit, building hardware-software prototype our product. Our current prototype of smart pants (with accelerometers and gyroscopes) is powered by an AI trained to recognize 17 classes of movements with 86% accuracy.


Here we are

Mila Ulybina

CEO, Founder

Project manager with experience in project portfolio management $ 200 million

Vitaliy Ulybin


20 years of experience in the development of intelligent software and hardware systems that are used in more than 2000 industrial cases around the world.

Alexey Kharis

Go-to-market strategy advisor

25 years of experience in setting up and developing companies, including in recent years in Silicon Valley

Daria Bekhtereva

Product designer

12 years of experience in visual communication, UX / UI designer

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